Tinotenda Gwisai

PhD Student

2018-2022: PhD Thesis: Engineering living immunotherapeutic agents for magnetically enhanced tumour targeting

Current Position:

Magnetic torque-driven living microrobots for increased tumor infiltration

Tinotenda Gwisai, Nima Mirkhani, Michael G. Christiansen, Thuy Trinh Nguyen, V. Ling and Simone Schuerle

Science Robotics, vol. 7: no. 71, pp. eabo0665, Washington, DC: AAAS, 2022.

Engineering Cell-Based Systems for Smart Cancer Therapy
Nima Mirkhani, Tinotenda Gwisai and Simone Schuerle

Advanced Intelligent Systems, vol. 4: no. 1, pp. 2100134, Weinheim: Wiley, 2021.
Magnetospirillum magneticum as a living iron chelator induces TfR1 upregulation and decreases cell viability in cancer cells
Stefano Menghini, Ping Shu Ho, Tinotenda Gwisai and Simone Schuerle
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 22: no. 2, pp. 498, Basel: MDPI, 2021.